Wednesday, December 21, 2016

meaning travel

In simple, tourists are people who do travel.

travel popular in world, tourists are people who make a visit for more than 24 hours in one place, with the purpose of the visit for fun, sport, religion, leisure, learning, health, and travel with family

In my opinion, tourists antiquity and today have very different motivations, tourists antiquity more motivated to travel for the purpose of trade, political, and religious interests. In modern times, the motivation of tourists travel is turning into another direction, namely for vacation and recreation.

Definition of tourist attractions?

Quite simply, the notion of tourist attractions is a place used for tourism activities. Tourist attractions can be either natural attractions and buildings. Natural tourist attractions can be coastal, mountain, and others, while tourist attractions can be of heritage buildings, museums, and others.

According to the government, tourist attractions are the places that have cultural value.

My personal understanding of the tourist attractions is a place that has an appeal that may be unique, the beauty, history, or other value so visited by many tourists.

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